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Val de LoireOn the trail of Francis I in the Loire Valley

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TroussayThe Château of Troussay is one of the smallest in size compared to the other Loire châteaux. However it?s elegant decoration both interior and exterior makes it a favorite among all visitors. This Renaissance-style mansion is typical of the type of mansions built during the reign of Francis I by the pillars of society in Blois, near the grand royal châteaux. It has also the strong rural and family atmosphere of the small estates of Sologne way back in history. The original house belonged to Robert Bugy, squire to Francis I, controller of the salt deposits in Blois. In 1828, it passed into the hands of the historian of the Loire Valley, Louis de la Saussaye, member of the French Institute and friend to Prosper Mérimée, who made a point of preserving the Château while embellishing it with precious items taken from other prestigious Renaissance monuments in the region, which were in the process of being destroyed: stone sculptures decorating castels facades or chimneys, finely sculptured wooden doors and windows, painted ceilings, Renaissance style stained glass and much more. Lovely 16th, 17th and 18th furniture complete this wonderfully decorated 16th century mansion. The picturesque outer buildings, which in the old time allowed the owner of the castle to be self sufficient, house now a small museum devoted to the Sologne region, with many agricultural and domestic tools of yesteryear on show. The park surrounding the mansion hosts many types of trees peacefully growing for 100?s of years, which completes the ?vieille France? atmosphere.

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Château de Troussay,
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