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Val de LoireOn the trail of Francis I in the Loire Valley

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BloisFrancis I often stayed in the Royal Château of Blois, masterpiece of the Renaissance. This Château consists of four wings built at different times and in different styles around the same courtyard:
? The Stateroom, reception room of the Counts of Blois built in the 13th century with bright decoration. It is the largest gothic style castle reception room in France.
? The Louis XII wing in brick and stone, influenced by the Italian Renaissance was built by King Louis XII, uncle and father-in-law of Francis I.
? The Francis I wing, built between 1515 and 1524, was strongly influenced by the Italian Renaissance, with its magnificent spiral staircase and façade with loggias galleries.
? The Gaston d?Orléans wing, true example of 17th century French classical architecture, was built by the famous architect François Mansart. Outside the castle, you can also entertain yourself at the Maison de la Magie (Magic House) Robert Houdin. In the old town you can admire many mansions built by Louis XII or Francis I Court dignitaries, and visit many museums and churches specially the magnificent Saint-Louis cathedral in gothic style dating of the 12th century but which has been entirely rebuilt by Francis I. Outside the city you should not miss the Haras National de Blois. The city of Blois is part of the area inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List as the ?Loire Valley?. It is an excellent way to visit the famous Loire Valley castles.

Below Francis I riding a horse in the courtyard of Blois castle exactly as it is now. Watercolours by Albert Robida.

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Château de Blois
41100 Blois

Phone : 02 54 90 33 33
Fax :02 54 90 33 31
Address 2 :Office de Tourisme et des Congrés,
23, Place du Château B.P.199
41006 Blois Cedex
Phone 2 :02 54 90 41 41
Fax 2 :02 54 90 41 48

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