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Val de LoireOn the trail of Francis I in the Loire Valley

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Gué-PéanGué-Péan castle can be reached by driving along small sinuous roads, either towards the southwest from Contres through the vineyards of Sologne, or north abandoning the charming Cher valley covered by vineyards. Paradise for the walkers who look for an unspoiled nature that they will find around the castle.
In the middle of a wooded valley, the architecture of Gué-Péan tells 2000 years of history: built on the square bases of a Roman camp, then a fortress in the Middle Ages, it became a residential castle in the Renaissance.
Decoration is sophisticated just like the highest tower, called double-decker, which is covered by a bell shaped slated roof with finely sculptured machicolations, arches and elegant bays framed by pilasters.
The reconstruction of the Gué-Péan castle was started as early as the 15th century by an Italian family, the Alamans; the previous fortified castle had been destroyed during the Hundred Years War. Nicolas Alaman extended the buildings. He was the squire of Louis XII then of Francis I before becoming the latter?s ambassador to Italy, and being entrusted with building the pavilions of the Camp du Drap d?Or, the well known diplomatic meeting which took place in the north of France in 1520 between Francis I and Henri VIII of England. His son, Francis, general salt-tax inspector, then built the two elegant Renaissance pavilions and the four corner towers, one of which is topped by a dome and a lantern which characterize the Château. In 1541, Gué-Péan was designated as a Châtellenie by Francis I.
Inside the castle we visit the chapel, the covered way, the library and the lounges. An audiovisual tells the history of the castle.
Models room: in a recently converted room are exposed the models of the most spectacular architectural projects of the famous futuristic contemporary architect Denis LAMING, the owner of the castle, where he lives when he returns from his long stays in the Persian Gulf or in China where he is very active. Denis LAMING ( is the brilliant designer of Futuroscope of Poitiers, 2nd leisure park of France which has already been visited by more than 40 million tourists.

Opening hours from May 1st till September 30th: from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 to 6:30 pm.

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Château du Gué-Péan
41400 Monthou-sur-Cher

Phone : 02 54 71 37 10

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