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Val de LoireOn the trail of Francis I in the Loire Valley

Clos Lucé - Parc<br> Leonardo da Vinci
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Clos Lucé - Parc
Leonardo da Vinci

Clos Lucé - Parc<br> Leonardo da Vinci1516 - Francis I invites Leonardo da Vinci to Amboise

The Castle of Cloux, called Clos Lucé, was built in 1471 on foundations of the XIIth century by Etienne Le Loup, King Louis XI?s Butler. It is acquired a bit later by King Charles VIII, who built for his queen, Duchess Anne of Brittany a magnificent chapel and it became during two hundred years a Royal house and a summer place of residence of Kings of France. That?s why Louise of Savoy raised her two young children, Margaret of Navarre, one of the rare women writers of this epoch, author of the ?Heptaméron?, and the boiling duke of Angouleme, future Francis I, who went into warlike games in the park with his future comrades-in-arms.
But the most famous, at least by his genius, of those who lived in Clos Lucé, was Leonardo da Vinci. Invited to live in France by King Francis I, he settled down there during the last three years of his life from 1516 till 1519.
We find the daily life of the great Renaissance man by visiting his bedroom, where he died, his kitchen, his study, the secret underground passage which connected Clos Lucé with the nearby Royal Castle of Amboise.
The Park Leonardo da Vinci is a cultural park of 7 hectares with trees where we discover 18 interactive huge models and 40 translucent works of art representing the leading works of the Master. " Leonardo's Garden " is a new botanical, initiatory and educational route in the heart of the park expressing all the vision that Leonardo had on Nature. Nearby the " Halle", an area dedicated to exhibitions, animations and discovery.
Note that Gonzague Saint Bris recently published his last historical novel " François Ier et la Renaissance ", Publisher Télémaque Paris. See the press release about this book in "News from Routes François Ier?.

Seminars, receptions, specialty events: invent your future in the Castle of Clos Lucé. Leonardo da Vinci?s last home provides you with various rooms and proposes a Renaissance meal served in traditional dress by Mister Sausin.

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Château du Clos Lucé - Parc Leonardo da Vinci
2, rue du Clos Lucé 37400 Amboise

Phone : 02 47 57 00 73 (english spoken)
Fax :02 47 57 62 88
Clos Lucé - Parc<br> Leonardo da Vinci

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