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Ile-de-FranceOn the trail of Francis I in the Paris Area

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EcouenEcouen is the only great Château of the Renaissance Period in the Paris region to have remained entirely intact. It is today the National Renaissance Museum. At the edge of the Ecouen and Montmorency forests, this Château was rebuilt beginning in 1538 by Anne de Montmorency, a childhood friend and brother-in-arms in Italy of Francis I, who stayed at the Château in 1517 and in 1526. Montmorency was also Constable of France, the Supreme Commander of the French armies, which was the highest rank after that of the King at the time. After he fell into disgrace in 1541, he retired to Ecouen. The imposing edifice boasts harmonious proportions; surrounded by greenery, it overlooks the French plain, not far from the International airport Charles de Gaulle at Roissy. The four floors of the Château contain large rooms with splendid chimneys, still painted as they were at the time, and magnificent ceilings with decorated beams. Since 1977, it is home to admirable collections of Renaissance art, brought together under the able leadership of the Curator, Mr. Erlande-Brandenburg. The most remarkable ensemble is that of the ten monumental tapestries relating the story of David and Bathsheba, a unique treasure in France.

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Château d?Ecouen
Musée National de la Renaissance
95440 Ecouen

Phone : 01 34 38 38 50
Fax :01 34 38 38 78

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