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Choose your Castle !

Royal castle or Noble castle or Manor ?
Each of the châteaux offers you a variety of discoveries.You will have the opportunity to see royal châteaux (we have 7) as well as manors once belonging to poor squires, or to newly rich knighted merchants (we have 4), including the home of wealthy courtesans highly placed at Court (we have 4). Visiting various châteaux and manors will provide you with a comprehensive overview of life in the 16th century in castles.

Castle in town or Castle in forest ?
Certain castles were built in the middle of forests, far away from towns, because, in the 15th century, hunting was a daily priority for the King and noblemen. There was usually a village near the castles where the staff in charge of the castle and its grounds lived. These villages still exist nowadays, near 7 castles. A good opportunity for nature lovers !
On the other hand, if you prefer the city, there are 6 castles located in elegant towns where you can admire other historical monuments and walk along the typical streets with attractive boutiques.

Royal Castle Noble Castle Manor Castle
in town
in forest